Special needs care, simplified.

Special needs care, reimagined.

For our cofounder, Jason, finding the best possible care for his son Noah is a constant challenge, and one that keeps him thinking there has to be a better way.  

So he started Special X to help parents save time and get the best care possible for their child.


Our Services


Care Navigator

Meet your care partner. Navigators do all your legwork so you can get the most from your IEP, maximize your insurance, and find the best care team possible. They’re experts, and special needs parents too. Best of all, it only takes one meeting for them to start making an impact.


Personal Information Hub

A single digital record for your child’s health, education and home. All their critical information now searchable, shareable, and dynamic. Build the Info Hub over time with your Navigator, and enjoy no longer operating from memory and 3-ring binders.



Access a network of information, services, and support right from your smartphone. Special X connects parents, care providers, educators, and insurance experts into a single network of shared knowledge. So the best possible care, is now all in one place.


Connect with parents,
care providers and more.

Special X works with you and our network to find the best possible care for your child.


Our Story

Hi, I’m Jason (the panda); co-founder of Special X and dad to Noah. Noah has a genetic disorder that introduced my family to the many challenges of navigating the world of special needs.

As a family, it took years to feel like we were doing everything we could for Noah across healthcare and education. And even to this day, there are times when we are not so sure. We have seen up close the challenges many families have faced. So, we’ve dedicated our new company to figuring out how to help the millions of parents of special needs children.

Together, we can give every special needs child better access to better care.

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Ready to get started?

Apply for a spot in our beta test to use our service for free for 2 months. All we ask in return is for you to give us feedback that will help us create something that every parent of kids with special needs will love.

Paperwork, care team coordination, phone calls to insurance companies, finding new providers, etc.
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